Through my work in Thailand I have gotten involved in ENGAGE or Educational Network for Grassroots Exchange. ENGAGE was originally founded in 2001 as a coalition of returned study abroad students from Khon Kaen, Thailand. ENGAGE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has grown into a network of individuals and affiliated organizations linked through their involvement in local community-based and social justice organizing. Much of ENGAGE's past work has focused on international solidarity efforts and economic, social, and cultural rights aimed at strengthening relationships between transnational social movements.

I run a mentorship program for ENGAGE that connects returned students from CIEE Thailand to existing ENGAGE members' community-organizing efforts in the US as a basis for building bridges with international movements and inspiring new and veteran activists in the network. The network shares a common framework, that most of us learned while studying abroad in Thailand, for our work through intentional, goal-oriented communication and group process. This framework informs our organizing and social justice efforts.

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